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CleanPlate Wall Plate in Jet Black for Rocker Switches

CleanPlate Wall Plate in Jet Black for Rocker Switches

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Patent Pending

The CleanPlate Wall Plate is a screw less; retrofit cover that replaces new and existing electrical switch and socket cover plates with a fresh and modern look while keeping your existing switches and sockets.

The CleanPlate will give a clean finishing touch to any room.

NEW !!!!    The Clean Plate DESIGNER SERIES has the same features as the Clean Plate but 1/2” Larger, Length & Width. Gives a striking Designer look around wall switches and sockets. Large enough to hide imperfections in dry wall electrical switch and outlet boxes.

NEW  !!!!  CUSTOM ICON LABELING, contact us at if you would like icon labeling and place an order directly.

What makes the CleanPlate different from other covers, is the CleanPlate can be custom laser engraved to identify what a switch operates, eliminating the confusion of what turns on what.  Additionally the CleanPlate is easily removed and replaced for cleaning, painting, maintenance, etc.,  by the use of high-powered rare earth magnets.

Each CleanPlate is manufactured in the USA out of .040 5052-H32 aluminum, or 24-gauge stainless steel (not plastic), and can be custom laser engraved at no extra charge.

If you like the CleanPlate consider the CleanPlate Classic for Toggle Switches and the CleanVent, vent covers, same look and function. Complete any decor by cleaning up your walls and ceiling with smooth, screw-less works of art.

Perfect for the home, business, vacation rentals, hotels, group homes and anywhere else, easy switch identification and cleaning is wanted.

CleanPlate will last a lifetime with simple maintenance.
The stainless steel plates should be removed and cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner or polish, 10W-40 or Sheila Shine works well as a polish and is available at any hardware or grocery store.

Patent Pending

The painted and anodized plates should be removed and wiped down with clean soap and water.


  1. Choose color
  2. Fill in each space provided to correspond with the opening you want to have labeled. There are spaces to match each opening for the Top and or Bottom to be labeled.
  3. NOTE:  Only fill in the spaces you want labeled, other wise leave blank and that space will not be laser engraved.
  4. Choose Font style and Size


When Checking Out and you get an error message "we do not ship to that area" please email us at the (contact us) section at the top of this page for an estimate of shipping costs. We ship worldwide.

For Large and Custom orders please email us at the (contact us) section at the top of this page.

Cleanplate may not sit flat on knockdown finished walls or electric switches that are installed in electrical boxes mounted on the outside of dry wall. Works best with standard behind the wall electrical box installations.

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