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CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover - AC Vent Cover

CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover - AC Vent Cover

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The CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover - AC Vent Cover

The ceiling vent and Intake cover is one of the most overlooked details in a room: the CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover sits flat on the wall or ceiling making it part of the  wall or ceiling, not an obstruction. 

The CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover attaches magnetically, has a screw-less look and adds a hit of design.

The CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover attaches via magnets screwed into your existing vent frame. It is easily removed for changing the filter, cleaning and painting.

Each CleanVent is manufactured in the USA out of .040 5052-H32 aluminum, (not plastic). The CleanVent cover has the defusing screen attached and both are powder-coated in gloss white and can be painted. 

Available in many Standard sizes, if you don't see your size contact us at   561-272-0770 for custom pricing.

SHIPS in 3 to 5 weeks


Refer to How To Measure Guide PDF to find your vent sizing.

Please note, each CleanVent RETRO-FIT Intake cover has a 1-1/2" Boarder for magnets to attach, so keep in mind any obstructions, like wall corners and base boards, this may require a custom made cover.

Measuring CleanVent

 If you like the CleanVent, consider the CleanPlate switch plate covers, same look and function. Complete any decor by cleaning up your walls and ceiling with smooth, screw-less works of art.

CleanVent will last a lifetime with simple maintenance.

The painted Vents, should be removed and wiped down with clean soap and water or vacuum cleaned.


When Checking Out and you get an error message "we do not ship to that area" please email us  for an estimate of shipping costs. We ship worldwide.

For Large and Custom orders please email us at

CleanVent may not sit flat on knockdown finished walls and ceilings.

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