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The Original RetroBox in CUSTOM COLORS - Modern Mailbox

The Original RetroBox in CUSTOM COLORS - Modern Mailbox

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The Retrobox is a Mid-century inspired modern mailbox, the perfect curb appeal for your home, office, condo or development. Made of quality materials, here in the USA.

Now you can customize your RetroBox !!!

Choose a from 9 standard Box colors, and 12 standard Number and Door colors, to complement your style for $85.00 more. 

If you don't like the standard colors available, contact us at : or call 561-272-0770. There are 100's of color choices starting at $105.00 extra.

***NOTE WHEN ORDERING SPECIFY NUMBER COLOR AFTER ADDRESS IF YOU WANT A DIFFERENT COLOR THEN THE DOOR COLOR YOU CHOOSE, other wise the number color will be the same color as the door color you chose.

 The RetroBox and UptownBox has a mail slot in the front for easy mail delivery and the doors open from the front and the back, so you can retrieve mail without stepping into the street.

Each box body is made out 5052-H32 aluminum, powder coated with marine grade paint, with custom anodized doors and number backings. The base is made out of 18 gage #4 finish stainless steel.

Each box has custom laser cut address numbers on the sides, with laser engraved street address on the front door.

The mail Box is 10” wide, 17” deep and 10” tall and will hold days if not weeks of mail, and can be ordered with a keyed lock on the front and back doors as an option. 



The optional Locking Kit, locks the front and back door from unwanted opening only by you. Mail is easily deposited through the street side mail slot. 4 keys are included, and all keys will open the front and back door. Locking Kit price is $55.00

The optional pole is 3” x 3”, heavy duty extruded tubing. Pole price is $185.00 for a  powder coated aluminum post available in white, black or coconut. The Stainless steel pole is listed at $269.00.

The optional Light Kit makes finding your address at night easy for visitors, delivery services, car services, etc., as well as makes a statement in your neighborhood. By illuminating the side numbers at night. Light Kit price is $165.00


For Large and Custom orders please email us at the (contact us) section at the top of this page.

Have a great day Tedstuff

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